The Real Value of Using a Managed Service

By Christine Kivi Director, Database and Managed Services – Eclipsys Solutions Inc. Managed Services have been around for a long time but have definitely evolved and with that evolution comes real value. According to CompuBase data from 2017 there are over 35,000 Managed Service Providers in North and Latin America.  That is a crazy number – but it really speaks to the fact that Managed Services is here to stay.  I have worked delivering Managed Services since I started as a DBA in 1998.  At that time being so new to both IT and Managed Services I could not really understand where … read more

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Part 1: How to Maximize Return on Your Oracle Investment

Part 1: The complexities of Oracle licensing and how best to assess what you have versus what you need.   The Procurement Challenge Procurement organizations are often tasked with minimizing the purchase cost of each individual hardware and license item. Although that’s certainly helpful, when IT teams assemble their solutions, they may not be aware that the combination of technologies they have chosen could drive their Oracle cost of ownership higher than it needs to be. As organizations grow, often so do their license needs, but in the majority of cases IT managers aren’t absolutely sure whether their licensing is … read more

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What Big Data REALLY Is (And Isn’t)

Big Data… We’ve all heard of it at this point, this particular buzz-word has managed to penetrate to every level of business. Yet when you ask anyone in the business (even many in the IT, Technology, and Data spaces) “What is big data?” you get responses like: “It’s data, that is really… Big… Takes up lots of space” “It’s data from Twitter, and Facebook, and all these social media things”   “It’s images, video, and other big files” “I don’t have a clue” It’s this new exciting thing that everyone seems to be doing, but nobody can really articulate a … read more

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